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Dolly Buster existió, existe y existirá siempre.

Mmmmm...La Dolly Buster, cuando era joven, con esas tetas que le colgaban, bien penduladas, siempre abriendo la boca para tragar lefa y unos buenos lavados de capullo con su lengua. Eterna Dolly.

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Emilia Boshe hardcore (follando)

Debería trabajar en el Cirque du soleil

Pues eso. Y el bullate no tiene desperdicio.

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Katsumi es un tsunami

Hay actrices porno que se ganan el sueldo y la Katsumi es una de ellas. Esta jodida oriental tiene una lengua que ya nos gustaría que nos repasara con ella los huevos. En fin, nada que ver con las chinas que vemos en las ciudades, esas sólo saben escupir.


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Tanya Hansen

Tanya te perdono que te follaras putos italianos gordos y asquerosos, yo sé que lees este blog porque algunas temporadas las pasas en España, me gustaría que quedáramos para charlar un poco, no sé, de ópera, de mecánica cuantica. Tú misma.

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Jessica Biel Biography

Jessica Biel Biography
Jessica Biel began her work on television with the series 7th Heaven in 1996, where he won the role of Mary Camden, eldest daughter of a Protestant pastor of the United States. Later, she acknowledged having lost a series of role in the film American Beauty (1999), for having an image of a good girl. In 2000, Biel posou of topless for the magazine male Gear, which caused controvéria because it only had 17 years at the time. With the magazine, Biel managed to be expelled in the series. Later, with his word of apology, he returned to series making small holdings, but is focusing on his career in cinema.

In 2001, Jessica appeared in a clip of Aerosmith, music Fly Away From Here. Estrelou films alongside Chris Evans, Freddie Prinze Jr., Wesley Snipes, Ryan Reynolds, Jamie Foxx, Orlando Bloom, Samuel L. Jackson and Edward Norton. The Illusionist The film was well received by the public in 2006. Jessica also appears alongside Nicolas Cage in the movie Next (2007), and Adam Sandler in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007).

Biel still struggle to get respect in Hollywood. She says in an interview with Elle magazine who feels neglected by the directors for failing to roles that are given to actresses who are in the "top of the queue". It also criticizes the media to interfere in his personal life and loving because of the paparazzi.

Jessica is considered one of the most sexy and women want the world and is always in the main rankings of North American magazines. It has been voted the most sexy woman in the world by Esquire magazine in 2005 and is always constant presence in the tabloids, gossip and red carpets.
Jessica Biel in a September shooting for the film Stealth, 2005.
Jessica Biel in a September shooting for the film Stealth, 2005.

Jessica Biel sexy picture

Jessica Biel sexy picture

Jessica Biel sexy picture

Jessica Biel sexy picture

Britney Spears Filmography and Discography

Britney Spears Filmography
* It gave voice to the character Donner in the U.S. version of the film Hooves of Fire (1999) and again give voice to Donner in the sequel Legend of the Lost Tribe, U.S. version (2002).
* He lived an assistant flight in a small participation in the film made Longshot, (2000).
* Protagonizou the film Crossroads, with soundtrack based on Britney (2002), which yielded more than 61 million U.S. dollars (had a budget of 15 million dollars)
* You made a special participation in the film from Austin Powers, singing Boys, Britney's album (2002).

About your voice
Britney Spears is classified as Soubrette Soprano voice and has a record of 3 octaves (C3-C6).
Note highest: C6 (live in "Britney sings opera" Extras on the DVD Britney & Kevin - Chaotic), and a B5 (and Lucky Sometimes)
More Low Note: C3 (Do not let me be the last to know - Live in Las Vegas, Oops! ... I Did It Again)
Note more Long: 8s (Breathe on Me)

Britney Spears Discography
Studio Albums
* 1999: ... Baby One More Time - 28 Million
* 2000: Oops! ... I Did It Again - 22 Million
* 2001: Britney - 17 Million
* 2003: In The Zone - 10 Million
* 2007: Blackout - 2.6 Million
* 2009: Under My Control (possible future album behalf of the singer)

Coletaneas * 2004: Greatest Hits: My Prerogative - 8 million
Remix * 2005: B in the Mix: The Remixes - 1.5 Million
Affiliations * 2005: Britney & Kevin: Chaotic

They are mentioned only the position of the singles sound in major markets such as United World Chart (UWC), United States (Billboard Hot 100), United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Brazil respectively.

Britney Spears Tour
* 1998 - Hair Zone Mall Tour
* 1999 - ...Baby One More Time Tour
* 2000 - Crazy 2K Tour
* 2000 - Oops!... I Did It Again World Tour
* 2002 - Dream Within a Dream Tour
* 2004 - The Onyx Hotel Tour
* 2007 - The M+M's Tour

Britney Spears Fragrances
Britney also sign several fragrances, including:
* 2004 - Curious
* 2005 - Fantasy
* 2006 - Curious: In Control
* 2007 - Fantasy Midnigth
* 2007 - Believe
* 2008 - Curious Heart - Limited Edition

In 2007, the fragrance yielded a profit of 84 million dollars.

Britney already starred several commercial, however, many of them were for Pepsi. Britney already faturou more than 9.1 million dollars in all those years of trail. The most expensive commercial of Britney was the Pepsi Gladiators of 2003 was spent over 10 million dollars with the trade, the salary of Britney was the most expensive of commercial (2 million U.S. dollars).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Britney Spears is Pop icon

Britney Spears is Pop icon

Pop icon
Britney is the singer who sold more records in the years 2000 to date. In 2002, she was elected by Forbes magazine one of the most influential celebrities in the world. Spears was voted the greatest twentieth Pop icon of all time by People magazine and the channel VH1. In 2004 he was elected by the magazine FHM the most sexy woman in the world. Britney also had a great influence in fashion to popularize in the world of low waist jeans, the piercing of navel and blonde hair. She was also, for 4 consecutive years, the celebrity most sought by the Internet in accordance with the search engines Google and Yahoo!.

Toxic is the most viewed clip on YouTube in 2004 were 67,234,981 hits. Britney was voted the 2 nd most exposed of the media celebrity in 2008 according to Forbes magazine. The video of Britney singing Gimme more in the VMA's was the most viewed sites of MTV, VH1 and CMT in 2007.
Britney Spears launched another 3 singles, Blackout, Piece Of Me, Break The Ice and Radar, in which the last two were launched in 2008.

* Confunde is often the birthplace of the singer. Many believe she was born in the town of Kentwood, Louisiana, in Louisiana. But actually, Britney was born in Mississippi in McComb. The confusion occurs because of his mother Tuesday was moved to Kentwood, Louisiana soon after the birth of Britney. Of the 3 brothers, Brian, Britney and Jamie Lynn, only the last was born in Kentwood, Louisiana.
* The Umbrella music was written for Britney, who in turn refused to be insignificant saying.
* On the occasion of the visit of Britney to Brazil, when it was driving into the city from rock to its performance, the singer had the car stopped by two armed police who confused his car with the car of bandits. Spears, was scared to see the weapons constantly saying "guns", "guns", "guns".
* The Album "Britney" was the most widespread, and was what had less success, it was the height of Avril Lavigne, that the CD that sold less than half that of Britney Spears with Britney.
* The Album Blackout of 3 videos are strategically planned for Britney recover their fans, which actually, won by many more. Gimme More is aimed at men, because Britney to do a show Strip and dancing in a baron. Piece of Me was a very female video, linked to fashion and fun to be with friends and men also were not indifferent, finally Break the Ice, is something that Britney really wants, re'conquistar children.

* In 2005 Raven was asked to do the movie "The three duques" but she declined the invitation because she was pregnant, once the recordings to be postponed and when started, Jessica Simpson recorded a time of Britney. In an interview, says that Britney loved see the movie with Jessica, praising it.

* In 2007, his album Blackout was considered by the criticism, the Best throughout his career but was the least sold in his career. Perhaps because of not having any disclosure or tour.

* Their third single, Blackout, Break The Ice broke all records of Hit list of MTV Portugal, leaving at # 1 duante throughout their stay in the counting, passing the record of Tokio Hotel. Also in Hit List, Piece of Me was the first video of the programme starting from # 1 and end in # 1.

* Lady Gaga is one of the producers of the 6 th Álbúm, almost "accidentally" because she wrote úma music that I wanted to sing on your album, but the tracklist was already closed, and representatives of Britney listened to music and then she, taking their decisós , Wanted to save it. Lady Gaga said that if arrepiou to hear his music in the voice of Britney, she really loved.

* In Tour Dream within a dream, útimo day of the show, Britney sings only 5 songs, leaves the stage, leaving 15 thousand fans disillusioned and disgusted with this, enraivecidos, throw objects to the stage, including watches, packages of chips, batons, laces of shoes, clothes, etc. ... was not to blame for Britney but a storm that put at risk the fans, because it was a great production, which contained up to rain and could cause a short circuit.

* The new debut album the singer has planned for April, despite rumors that have the debut album is scheduled for December but there is certain confirmations. And there are rumors that the name of the album will be Under My Control and the 1 st single is called Underground, for now are only rumors. In an interview with OK Magazine Britney said that this would be his best work, and has written many letters and wrote a dedication to the children in "My Baby." Britney is named for 9 VMA awards in 2008 with the singles Piece Of Me and Gimme More, only 3 of payouts that are presented at a ceremony because the others are more "Off", only Piece Of Me is that it is among the prizes ceremony which are Best Pop Video, Best Video of the Year and Best Female Video. The singer is the one that has more in VMA nominations this year.

* In the ante-debut movie Crossroads in London thousands of fans of Britney waited for the autograph, but when Britney was said only a "hi", not giving autographs and when entered in a car pointed the finger of the paparazzi means that the perseguiam .
* In the film The Devil dressed prada, The Devil wears prada, 2005, shows a poster of Fantasy perfume, when the protagonist walks the streets of Los Angeles.

* On May 1, 2006, Britney walked in Santa Monica, CA dressed with a dress the same as Marilyn Monroe in the film Sin live beside. One year after right, day May 1, 2007, curiously, is seen with the same dress to Marilyn Monroe, and curiously again, the mystery of meaning for the name of the mini turné The M + M's, debuted on the same day, 1 May 2007. + Marilyn Monroe.

* The day after it has acabdo contract with the Pepsi brand soft drinks, Britney was seen to enjoy a (good) Coca-Cola. Because while it was under contract with pepsi (3 years), Britney could only drink Pepsi, if it were to drink another brand, had to pay a indemenização of 50 thousand U.S. dollars.
* In Chaotic DVD, 2004 / 5, the religion of Britney was Cabala, or God was light, all the light was God. but most of the scenes in your home, Britney would like to have everything till dark, ie (no "to" light) ...
* Britney does not like his toe, but also of his elbow.
* Reza every day, has a super active religious life, believes that land will come to meet a mission, and confesses he does not know what or why, but that one day vai to place it.

* Since we're on the authority of his father Jamie, since January 2008, Britney until now, is showing signs of recovery, good form, regained the will to appear in public events, but very reserved. With a new teaching, not trust anyone. We have recovered 40% of custody of their children, was 2 times vacation in May in Married Mel Gipson, and in July in Mexico in Cabo de San Lucas, participated in 2 episodes of a series of network CBS and Fox How I Met Your Mother In Portuguese This has happened had Optimal criticism. Sexy and dazzling Britney is back to his reign Pop

* We do not drink, not drugs, all tests of anti-drugs that have made Britney Negative, its time for summer 2008 is completely filled to be with their children, recording his 6 th Album and exercise, and his mental state optimum balanced and stable. Very Happy

Britney Spears controversial picture

Controversial picture
Britney is one of the most exposed celebrities of today. Surrounded and with rumours of his personal life exposed to the public, Britney has become the favorite star of tabloids around the world.
In April 1999, with only seventeen years, Britney was cover of Rolling Stone magazine, with pictures of Lolita style. The controversy was created, it showed a more provocative Britney which the public was accustomed to seeing.

During the opening performance of the VMA 2003, Britney and Christina Aguilera sang snippets of Like a Virgin and dressed in bride, to honor 20 of the VMA and 20 years of career in which Madonna was wearing groom. Britney and Madonna kissed on the mouth, causing the performance received great attention from the media world, which was news of the opening of several international news and cover of several magazines, including in Portugal. It was behind this action, Britney showed that the song "Me Against The Music" (only with his voice) and asked the opinions of Madonna, then Madonna to Britney said they deverião do "something together" and urged Madonna to Britney do the duet. Spears also married up with his childhood friend, Jason Allen Alexander, on January 3, 2004. The next day his lawyers came with a request for annulment of the ceremony. Thus, the marriage lasted only 55 hours.

At the beginning of the year 2007, Britney Spears shaved his hair.
Britney Spears has reached out several times at night with Paris Hilton, where he was caught 3 times without calcinha and it says that the two singers gravaram a duet.
On September 9, 2007 presented in the VMA, with music Gimme More announcing its back on world music.

Britney Spears controversial picture

Britney Spears controversial picture

Britney Spears controversial picture

Britney Spears controversial picture

Britney Spears the return

The return
In May 2007, made the tour "The M + M's Tour," which she performed in Florida and California. Tratavam up of small concerts for a limited number of people, with some of his greatest successes of career (... Baby One More Time, I'm a Slave 4 U, Do Somethin ', Breathe On Me and Toxic). On August 30, 2007, the song was played Gimme More for the first time by a North American radio. Gimme More is the first single from the fifth studio album from the singer.
His return was official in the MTV Video Music Awards United States on September 9, 2007, but was criticized because it was very tense and nervous, making playback and revealing a posture little exciting.

The song "Gimme More" was officially launched on September 18, 2007, and came first in nine countries in the digital iTunes store, and those countries the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia, Luxembourg and New Zealand.
The video clip of "Gimme More" was launched on October 5, 2007, in iTunes, where Britney was two characters, a Stripper morena and blonde woman who is just watching it dance on your mast. But there is another version of the video, in which Britney stripper takes the blouse you're wearing and get the breasts to show. The video clip of "Gimme More" was harshly criticized, because they differentiate the style of other video clips of the singer.

The launch of the album was on October 30, 2007, and in less than 24 hours of sales, reached the 1st place in five countries. The album Blackout received several compliments, ranging from "This album is better than anything that Gwen Stefani has done" by "this album has more songs bonitinhas, as I'm Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman." But this excellent result of Blackout may not be a guarantee that Spears is back, although this year already have received a title of 'Phoenix' because reborn from its own ashes.

The Princess of Pop has made only one act of disclosure of the first single from its album of return, "Gimme more," Video Music Awards in 2007, in Las Vegas. Even the Sony BMG prohibited transmission or repetition of images of action on any television channel and even on sites of accommodation of videos such as Youtube. In this action, Britney sang a little of the song "Trouble" by Elvis Presley.

"Blackout" was the only album of the singer who debuted on 1 no place in Billboard. That's because, minutes before the Billboard amended its rules for accounting of charts (like the Top 200), leaving Britney second, losing only to the album the group's veteran Eagles, with their album Long Road Out of Eden, which cost only 3 (three) euros.

But even that "Blackout" received a massive disclosure, as with the In the Zone, it is unlikely that the singer over the group in order that this is the first album of new compositions of the Eagles after 28 years of expulsion and, finally, be costing only $ 3.00.

The new album from novel of Britney sold, approximately 690 thousand copies in two weeks, a great number, and since the last time has been very difficult to sell a quantity of copies as good as in 1999, as there is piracy of albums, mainly the Internet. In Portugal, the album debuted at position 10 of the Top 30 National Sales in the first week, according to the Portuguese Phonographic Association.

The 2 nd single "Piece Of Me" is doing a great success throughout the world and remains in the TRL Top American. The videclip was done in 2 days and was the most expensive in the history of Britney below the "Toxic". We used several models that are similar to Britney attacked by papparazis.

"Blackout" won the prize for "Best International Album" in the 2008 edition of the NRJ Awards in France.

The third single of "Blackout" titled "Break The Ice," is doing very successful and debuted in the U.S. to stop clips (MTV TRL) in eighth place.
Marking the return of the singer, Britney recorded a special participation in the U.S. series How I Met Your Mother that was to air in the United States on March 24, 2008, the CBS channel.
Britney recorded more participation in a series How I Met Your Mother that was to air on 12 of the same month.
In June of 2008, Britney recorded a special participation in the clip When I Grow Up the Pussycat Dolls. According to the video director, Joseph Kahn, participation is a small but very interesting. The participation of Spears, has aimed to increase the popularity of music, only that the participation of Britney was cut in final editing.

Britney will make shares in the new special tour of Madonna in 2008. According to the singer's agent, participation will be in videos with the image of Spears, who will be entering a gigantic screen as Madonna sings one of his songs. Participation happens in music and Human Nature is a video of Britney closed in a lift and ends up getting mad.

Britney Spears picture

Britney Spears picture

Britney Spears picture

Britney Spears Biography and Career

Although it is present in local competitions since the age of three years, the career of Britney Spears has only started to eight years when he made a test program for the Mickey Mouse Club (Club of Mickey) by Disney with future stars such as Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, without, however, to the role, being too young. Changed up to New York to study dance and theater.

These studies have been useful, because two years after it achieved a participation in a play in the off-Broadway and then a year later, managed to join the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club. However, the program was canceled after two seasons after entry of Britney. Spears returned home to study and lead a normal life.
For fifteen years Britney returned to New York and signed a contract with Jive Records to record his first album, ... Baby One More Time.

Artistic career
The single "... Baby One More Time", came out in 1998. The success of the song has made Britney held a small shopping tour by U.S. call Hair Zone Mall Tour, or simply Mall Tour, and do some shows for the opening of the group 'N Sync until January 12, 1999 when her debut disc, , ... Baby One More Time was launched in the first week and was No. 1 on the list of most sold on the Billboard 125 thousand copies, reaching the mark record 24milhões of copies sold in only 6 months.

In addition to the hit album ".. Baby One More Time" came out of the singles Sometimes, (You Drive Me) Crazy, Born To Make You Happy in Europe and From the Bottom of My Broken Heart in the United States and South America
In September 1999 Britney estampou the cover of Rolling Stone magazine of music, using only a short and soutien.

In May 2000, the singer launched his second album, "Oops! ... I Did It Again" which sold more than 1,319 million copies in the first week, breaking the record of best-selling female album in the first week, and debuting first sales again. The CD was recorded in only two months, because the producers believed that Britney could not be away from the media. This album, the singer also launched the singles: "Lucky", "Do not let me be the last to know" and "Stronger" which came in the TOP 3 of all the stops where they enter.

On stage, she came to exploring costumes and choreography increasingly sensual and explicit. She came to Brazil in January 2001 as the biggest pop star of the night of the festival teenager Rock in Rio, with its world tour "Oops! ... I Did It Again World Tour".

Britney Spears photo

Britney Spears photo

Britney Spears photo

Vanessa Butt

La Vanessa Butt tiene las naturales más preciosas del mundo. La muy guarra sólo nos dejó un escena porno, suficiente para estar pelándosela toda una vida. Aquí os dejo unos videos y el rapidshare de una de las sobadas más buenas de la historia de la pornografía. Amén


Ensalada de verano

Pues nada, aquí os dejo unas pocas escenas para que os lo toméis en calma. A destacar un par de folladas con bragas puestas de lo mas cachondo.

vídeo=clic! afoto